.....NO, I am not a gypsy.... and junk lady hardly describes myself or my crew, but you have to admit the name is an attention grabber.. exactly what it is supposed to do.

After 9 years and over 100 estate sales I am very qualified to handle any situation. Neat and tidy, or a great mass of merchandise, we can handle anything...

We are a professional estate sale service with many references and the consultation is FREE. Furthermore.... DON'T THROW AWAY ANYTHING!!! We sell and make $$$$ on items you can't imagine...everything from A-Z. Let us decide and then discard the rest.... There is no need for you to "clean up" before we arrive... We provide the service you need to downsize or completely clear yours or a loved one's home. We clean as we process. Photos from previous sales are available. My set up takes time...and clearly pays off when clients can not only see merchandise organized, but also priced.....NOT lumped together like a garage sale!!

We do not guarantee a "quick" process. Quality and profit takes time and effort. 

I take great pride in the set up and organization process, as well as multiple means of advertising and extensive client lists so that I can deliver the best return possible. I elaborate on the display of your merchandise with great respect for the original owners as well as yourself. I provide all materials for the set up and conducting of the sale and pay for all advertising and employee expenses. You are absolutely out of pocket no funds.

I am bonded and insured. I am also an auctioneer licensed with the State of Texas, however in most cases I feel I can provide a better return by doing a two or three day estate sale with longer hours to attract more buyers and little if any danger of weather concerns. Our 2 day sales are  held a minimum of 12 hours, so we have ample time to sell your items. You are given the option to completely liquidate or keep the remaining items from your sale. If liquidation is a choice, the home will be left empty, vacuumed, swept and counters cleaned, completely ready for your real estate agent to show the property.

I feel that my prices are competitive in today's market. Call today and let myself and my staff do the work and relieve you of the stress. Serving the Taylor, Rockdale, Granger, Bartlett, Thrall, Thorndale, Hutto , Leander, Austin, Oak Hill, Pflugerville and surrounding areas.

Debbie Hendrix/ The Gypsy Junk Lady